The wheel of the year (pt 4) ~ Winter Solstice

Hello Sweeties, can you believe its time to draw up our Winter Solstice journey journals already?
As I type this we are in the last of the burning embers of Sagittarius, after the Solstice on the 21st December we feel no more fiery energies coursing through nature, although after Yule we do see the sun begin to rise higher in the sky it’s not until the spring equinox that they are really felt again.

So here is our introspective circle from Samhain to Imbolc balancing around Yule at The Winter Solstice.

5 seasonal moon cycle light Wnter Sol J.Gray

This blueprint is intended as a basic guide for further self study, it is created by singling out the four circles from The Toruscope Circular Calender in which the equinoxes and the solstices are central.

Each circle contains a season and the corresponding properties and elements.

This circle is of The Winter Solstice Yule and the Element of Earth.

Old Age
The Power to be silent
The Power to Resonate
Tarot ~ Pentacles/Coins
Right Brain/Left Balance
Crown Chakra/Heart Space Connection (The Top/ Shang Dantien)

For the first part Spring please follow the link ~

For the second part Summer please follow the link ~

For the third part Autumn please follow the link ~


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