The wheel of the year (pt 3) ~ Autumn Equinox

As we are drawing nearer to the Autumn Equinox it is time to contemplate the circle on the right within the Toruscope which contains the energies from Lughnasadh to Samhain. I use these names as I am familiar with them through my background, you may know them as other festivals or holidays depending on your own background and knowledge.

4 seasonal moon cycle light autumn equinox

This circle is of The Autumn Equinox Mabon and the Element of Water.

The Power to Dare/ Go beyond boundaries
The Power to Accept/ Recognizing the boundaries
Tarot ~ Cups
Left Brain
Right Hand
A Balanced Heart Space (Zhong/Middle Dantian)

This blueprint is intended as a basic guide for further self study, it is created by singling out the four circles from The Toruscope Circular Calender in which the equinoxes and the solstices are central.

For the first part Spring please follow the link ~

For the second part Summer please follow the link ~


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