The wheel of the year (pt 2) ~ Summer Solstice

As we are nearing the end of May the energies flowing through us are heating up, the love making energies of spring have filled us with potential, urging us to grow and fill up the spaces cleared by winters icy slopes in our planets’ cycles and cine waves.

3 seasonal moon cycle light sum sol

This blueprint is created by taking the four circles from The Toruscope Circular Calender which represent the equinoxes and the solstices. It is intended as a basic guide for further self study.

Each circle contains a season and the corresponding properties and elements.

The top circle contains the merging energies from Beltaine to Lughnasadh I use these name as I am familiar with them through my background, you may know them as other festivals or holidays depending on your own background and knowledge.
This circle is of The Summer Solstice and the Element of Fire.

Adolescence/Teenage/Young Adult
Physical Energy
The Power to Will/Individual will
The Power to Surrender/Universal Will
Tarot ~ Wands
Left Brain/Right Brain Balance
Root Chakra/Heart Space Connection (The Bottom/Shang Dantien)

This is the second of a the series in which I will be breaking down the parts for another animation for The Toruscope. So just a little teaser of whats to come

For the first part please follow the link ~


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