The Natural Aura & Chakra Creation part 1

Our natural auric state as determined by biology

When we start growing in our mothers womb we are in a state of “the amoeba” * ~ a single point of perfectly balanced pure love vibration encompassed in a cell which will later become our heart and tongue. As the Zygote grows into a Morula it reaches a stage where it turns in on its self to create the intestines and changes into three separate layers the Ectoderm, the Mesoderm and the Endoderm.
These three layers are what determine our natural three layer aura with each layer from each of the three Dan Tians or energy centers.

The Ectoderm develops into the brain, nervous system, skin and pigments: Cardinal, information in. Your perception. Spiritual connection to Source.

The Mesoderm into the cardinal muscle, skeleton and muscles, blood cells, the gut muscles (smooth cells) and connective tissue – Fixed. Information processed. Eternal spark. Your emotion.

The Endoderm into the lungs, thyroid cells, pancreatic cells- Mutable. Information out. Genetic memory/connection to matter. Your reaction.

If we are not taught of this interactive flow we remain  in a “amoebic state” * with turmoil and confusion instead of a conscious current.

Chakra Creation

Each time we suffer a trauma our electromagnetic field splits into more and more layers, forming the chakras at the conjunction points of the three Dan Tians.
Our aura (EMF) behaves similar to water in zero gravity, it’s like an inside out bubble if you will. When you disturb the bubble with emotional triggers (trauma) the “bubble” will wobble, if you apply enough disturbance the “bubble” will form layers as shown in this wonderful experiment carried out on the International Space Station. Just watch 2mins50sec the effect is clearly shown. The astronaut is so excitable and goofy!

The images below show how these three layers are intwined in the flow of chi around and through the human form when in a natural un-traumatized or emotionally healed state of The Unified Chakra utilizing the Chinese 3 Dan Tian energy flow.

To find balance and to return to the natural 3 layer auric field we must learn to find peace within ourselves with the help of our chakras, bringing equilibrium to our field and then we can unify our chakra and direct the flow around the body utilizing the 3 Dan Tain with love in our hearts and our connections to earth and source strong.

Love to you all

Part 2 “How and why the chakras form where they do” to follow shortly.


* “amoebic state”






Dan Tians

For more out of this world experiments please check out

Charles Gilchrist video reference in the energy flow image.