The Chakras: Unification & Removal, Implants & Cords. What’s it all about?

I’ve been looking at lots of what’s being discussed about this subject and I can see that there is so much confusion surrounding whats actually going on or even if it’s possible!
I think it could be coming from what our perceptions of what the chakra really are.
We read that they are “spinning wheels” but are they really? How do we know this? From texts that have been translated and interpreted by countless minds over the years? We need to stop taking others words as our own truths and work this shit out for ourselves.
Then you’ve got these cord and implant thingys coming into play to mix things up even more. . . And this is what I think we remove when we unify our chakra into our Star.

Please note that I got into this subject as something “happened” with me, rather than me hearing about removing my chakras and trying to decide if I should, so in searching for others who have had the same I came across “chakra removal” and it fitted exactly, so I adopted the phase. When I came across unification it also fitted. So are they the same thing?
Well yes and no.
They are part of a process and through this process the real chakra are revealed.
When we unify our chakra into our Star we become in-tune with what the Chinese call The Dan Tians. You’ve heard the saying follow your heart, your head or your gut? Well you gotta follow all three!

When The 3 Points are being fully integrated then they expand and the meeting points of these 3 points give us what I called earlier The Real Chakra.

But that’s jumping waaay ahead of ourselves here, let’s rail in back in to this removal confussion should we?

Now when we unify our chakra in the way that is described in the book An Ascension Handbook which I’ve not read completely, but can be found here
and the meditation can be found online here
We expand our consciousness out to encompass all of our selves and this is the first step to Star Ignition. We can also spiral out if we choose, play about with it see what feels right. The next step is to then pull it all back in to our heart in a dual torus flow to spark us off, which is the push for me to do The Tree Meditations as they are a great visualization to aid in the process, but you can imagine it for yourself quite easily without a whole guide, just you know “be a tree”
Breath in ~ pull consciousness in from the top.
Follow the out breath not through your nose/mouth but instead follow the new oxygen flowing into your veins and though out your whole being to the surface of your skin.
Breath in ~ pull consciousness in from the bottom.
Follow the out breath not through your nose/mouth but instead follow the new oxygen flowing into your veins and though out your whole being to the surface of your skin.
Roots into The Earth and Branches to the sun or moon
That’ll do for a starter 😉

When we get the dual torus flow going that’s when cords and implants are removed and/or high lighted. Whether these are psychological, other people, entities or all three I think is defined by each persons belief system which in turn leads to a very personal healing journey in which you know you have a real connection to earth, matter and all that is.

These cords and implants are what I think are really being removed as our chakra are just the natural meeting places of our 3 points The Dan Tian and instead of “spinning wheels of light” like 7 cogs they are 3 spheres with 2 spinning disks of light sideways between the spheres, but the trick is to keep the flow smooth and not getting stuck at these points, we’ve got to keep the whole thing fluid, whole at once, because these 4 points (in between the dan tian and the top and bottom) are the entrance points if we become stuck in them, with the dual torus flow there is no entrance point as they are contained safely within the outer flow.

Please excuse the scribblings I’ve not scanned the updated ones in yet, but you can see what I’m trying to say in a very simplified way only without the outer dual torus being shown.

The expansion of the heart chakra to encompass us is the most important and we can stay in this stage for as long as we need to heal and we can return here whenever we want in the future albeit in a different mode, because shit still happens and life goes on no matter what the flow! But with this understanding comes a more thoughtful reaction to said shit happening.


The other part of this subject is Kundalini Removal along with The Third Eye. Now I have researched a lot about this too as it’s all linked and to me Awakening Kundalini is symbolism for becoming aware and really feeling the sensations of being one with everything and everything being a vibration of love, with your whole being at the center.
Throughout the ages we have personified natural phenomenon as a way to explain what is happening in the natural world and snakes and serpents have been used profusely. Such as The Japanese sea god Watatsumi who controlled the seas and we have The Ouroboros, the list goes on
Along side The Serpents we have Bird symbolism too, with the beautiful tale of The Peacock Angel
Then there’s also Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent.
So to me as birds evolved from reptiles then it is fitting to assume that Kundalini is symbolism for our electromagnetic being and as evolution is an ongoing thing so is the evolution of Humans and our Kundalini. I feel this is what our ancestors are trying to tell us with this serpent/bird symbolism.
As the “3rd Eye” is part of what makes up our upper Dan Tian then it is not removable and becomes much more integrated with our perceptions of our lives and so how we live them.

So that’s my take on all what’s being discussed with this subject from my own very personal view point, take from it what you wish.

Spiral out in love. . .