Ripening Seed Meditation

This is a short meditation/visulisation to be carried out whenever you feel the need for some love ❤
It is also the first and opening meditation for The Tree Meditation sequence to achieve a dual torus energy flow.

~ Find a nice quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed.

~ Get yourself comfortable, sitting or standing is best, but if laying down is what feels good to you then go for it!

~ Close your eyes and focus on your breath and take a few moments to just let yourself relax.

~ Take in a deep breath through the nose, by pushing out your abdominal muscles, starting from the very bottom at your base chakra, up through your diaphragm to the very top of your chest, filling your body completely.

~ Slowly blow out the breath through the mouth, by pulling in your muscles starting from the very bottom up through your body until all the breath is out.

The out breath should be slower and take a little longer than the in breath.
Tune into the rhythm of your heart if you can , breath in for 6 or 7 beats and out for 7 or 8 beats (less if you what, more if you can) and exhale completely.

~ Repeat the deep breaths 3 or 4 times then let your breathing flow back to it’s natural rhythm.

~ Just relax for a few moments.

~ Shift your focus to your heart, find your natural balance point in your chest, you will know this intuitively.

~ Feel the love that’s within you (if you find this difficult bring into your thoughts what fills you with love and hold onto that feeling while letting the thought pass)

~ Take a moment to fill yourself with this emotion. Let it expand through your entire being. This is your love let it wash over you.

~ Stay in this state for as long as desired.

~ When you are ready, start to become aware of the sensations in your energy body.

~ Feel love, warmth and strength radiate through your body and filling your aura.

~ Slowly bring yourself back to a waking state.

~ Sit quietly for a few moments and enjoy the peaceful stillness.

* Note down how you feel, what where your experiences and thoughts during and after your visualization for future personal work as this technique may take a few sittings to become second nature as blocks can arise as with any self advancement.