Flowers as Mandalas

Mandalas are beautiful geometric artworks. They are a symbol of wholeness and a form of painted prayer to aid in meditation. Although the term Mandala is of Hindu origin, they where created by our ancestors in ancient cultures across the globe from the American Indians to The Celts. They are still created today in some religions and are growing in popularity in the west following the wave of people looking towards the past for inspiration for the future.

Buddhist Monks creating a sand mandala

Kate Silberberg Drumming in The Mesa Medicine wheel at The Mesa Creative Arts Center

They are also found in every living thing, most noticeable is a flower.

The fantastic patterns of sacred geometry are already there for us to meditate on in a flower, a pinecone or an acorn, but these are so much more powerful than perfectly drawn human designs as they have the exact form of natural balance created by the pulse of the sola and luna sine waves.

Blue Egyptian Water Lilly


These natural mandalas can be even more potent than human art as they have the added bonus of scent ~ and nothing evokes the scenes more than perfume!
The wonderful headiness of smelling a rose in full bloom on a summers eve, or the hearty homeliness of a baking cake, we are all at the mercy of a scent on the breeze . . . .

Now, the part of the brain that is involved in the sence of smell and pheromone process is The Amygdala which is also connected to long term memories, emotional responses and anxiety. This is why scent is so fundamental to us and we can harness this with essential oils and other botanicals to help ourselves, wether it be as simple as just up-lifting our mood or spreading the love, to overcoming the deepest emotional wounds, as it activates The Amygdala to help balance our emotions connected to memories.
They are located in the medial temporal lobe, one in the left hemisphere and one in the right.

There has been carried out a scientific study of Mindfulness, this is a form of meditation where one pays attention to the present, moment to moment, in a non judgmental way. In these studies it was shown that the parts of the brain used in Mindfulness are also connected with the Amygdala. 

I would like to point out the name “Amygdala” here, I noticed the word has “Dala” as in “Mandala” and Rev Mary Hardy (who I’ll mention shortly) feels there is a similarity to the name “Magdalene”
I mentioned in my post “Finding Flowers” about how I think The Emotional Zero Point Balance is contained  in her story. 
As I’m a follower of Astro-Theology (the biblical stories etc being a metaphor for how the universe and us in it works) I am drawn to see the story of the Two Magdalene/Bethany Sisters as how we balance our life, thoughts and emotions and a way to chose your heart/head connection over your instinctual programming.
According to Rev Mary Hardy of The Sisterhood of the Emerald Fire, the name Mary in The Dead Sea Scrolls is said to mean Healer and she worked with The Energies using flowers and natural remedies as an aid. A true Lady of The Earth. 
Not much talked about is Marys sister Martha, they are Mary and Martha of Bethany.

Martha with her green sleeves, a symbol of her healing energies. Notice the flora in the boarders
The Catholic Saint Martha, in a Flemish illumination from the Isabella Breviary, 1497. 

The story goes that Jesus came to stay at their inn and Mary Kept hanging around chatting to him about philosophy while Martha was left to do both of their share of the housework. After a while Martha got fed up with doing the dishes and asked their guest if he minded suggesting to Mary that maybe she could help her. To which Jesus replied (loosely) “Relax, Marys chose the better way, stop nagging” 

To me Martha represents the left brain, earthliness, instinct and genetic memories with Mary as the right brain, creative thinking and comprehension of future events. Together in balance they make the perfect team.

So I invite you to flower gaze with me on our journey to who knows where. . . 

Much love and thank you for reading.


PS: I shall write a further article soon on Mary and Marthas’ hidden story in my journey to The Toruscope as it is an integral piece.


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Kate Silberberg Drumming in The Mesa Medicine wheel ~ Mesa Creative Arts Center

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All image copyrights remain with the artist who created them ~ Thank you!

Copyright 2013 Joanne Gray


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