★ Video Tutorial ★ Seed of Life/Daisy Wheel & The Torus

There’s plenty of Seed of Life drawing tutorials, but I couldn’t find one on how the ratchet it around into a Tube Torus. . . So I thought it would be nice to show you.

Theres a few tips to keep your sketch it balance and a few hiccups so you can learn from my mistakes O.o

As a drawing exercise.

I recommend learning to draw these shapes as exercises in different angles and curves which are in nature. I found that I could see how a line should look naturally when drawing after I had practiced drawing these. Your hand should learn to draw these lines easily as the wrist makes a perfect quarter of a circle when held in the “drawing position” Hold your hand up now like your holing a pencil and flex your wrist fully from top to bottom, it’s a perfect quarter compass! Ha!

As a meditational tool.

The act of drawing these patterns is seen in many cultures as sacred. When finished they are used as a Mandala meditational tool to help you focus and balance. So choose your colours wisely to help make the most out of your beautiful creations

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